welcome to my personal website! you can learn all sorts of fun facts about me here ^_^

i made this site for fun and to improve my html, css, and javascript skills. don't expect much professionalism here, this is my silly web zone.

site guide (what's all of this?)

about - typical 'about me' page

sprites - pixel sprite art and edits i've created

gamer room - page dedicated to all of my gaming consoles

plush paradise - page dedicated to my plushies

tool town - various tools, applications, and resources i've found on the web

wiki world - list of wikis (that aren't hosted by fandom/wikia)

cool websites - list of random websites that i think are neat

fun zone - fun

sparkle zone - fun (sparkly eyestrain version)

credits - resources used for this website

where you can find me

i'm mostly active on tumblr (here's my main and here's my art blog), instagram, and discord (shiny#1146). feel free to talk to me on any of these accounts, i'm always open to making new friends!

worlds largest porygon

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