sylveon from pokemon art academy
mew from pokemon art academy
3D model of a simple megurine luke wearing a cat hat
kirby and waddle dee
porygon-z from pokemon global link
porygon-2 from pokemon global link
porygon from pokemon global link
venom snake figure
porygonporygon2porygon-zmewsylveonflygonheat rotomfan rotommow rotomrotomwash rotomfrost rotomshiny flygonshiny sylveonshiny mewshiny porygon-zshiny porygon2shiny porygon porygonporygon2porygon-zmewsylveonflygonheat rotomfan rotommow rotomrotomwash rotomfrost rotomshiny flygonshiny sylveonshiny mewshiny porygon-zshiny porygon2shiny porygon

welcome :3

animated sprite of otacon appearing and giving a thumbs up before leaving

welcome to my silly web zone! ^_^

originally, i made this site for fun and to improve my html, css, and javascript skills. this is basically my little corner of the web where i can have fun and share my joy with others!

this site looks best on desktop, but should still be compatible with most mobile screens :P

site guide (what's all of this?)

about - typical 'about me' page

sprites - pixel sprite art and edits i've created

gamer room - page dedicated to video games and gamer stuff

pokemon paradise - page dedicated to my personal experience with pokemon

adoptables - custom sprite adoptables made by meeee :3

frienddex - pokedex with pages of my friends + mutuals fave pokemon

tool town - various tools, applications, and resources i've found on the web

wiki world - list of indie wikis (not hosted by fandom/wikia)

cool websites - other neocities and random websites that i think are neat

fun zone - fun (random things like stamps and butttons)

sparkle space - sparkling rainbow eyestrain graphics

plush plaza - showcase of all the plushies i own

flash fields - collection of flash animations/games i like

credits - resources used for this website

contact/where to find me

if you want to directly contact me, you can email me at

i'm mostly active on tumblr (here's my main and here's my art blog), spacehey, and discord (@shinystylus).

feel free to start up a conversation anytime! i can be a bit nervous, but i'm always open to making new friends!

i'm also always willing to lend a helping hand and do my best to solve anyone's problems (tech issues are my specialty)!

apricot (be nice to her)

animated pixel cat running and taking quick naps
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last updated: 4/21/24

update log

a row of 10 animated pokeball variants spinning in sync
  • 08/01 - added update log, joined the self-insert webring, outbound links now open in a new tab
  • 08/04 - added sound to sidebar + list links
  • 08/05 - made a little pokeball divider ^^
  • 08/06 - added webamp, added some more neocities buttons
  • 08/07 - customized webamp playlists on some pages, starting work on the gamer room
  • 08/08 - added sprites and a quote generator to the gamer room, adopted some colorful cats
  • 08/09 - added image generator (changes on page reload)
  • 08/10 - added a ton of new neocities buttons, started working on alt text, plan on adding more blinkies to right sidebar, finished alt text for blinkies and marquees, updated tool town
  • 08/11 - working on adding draggable graphics
  • 08/12 - added alt text to several pages
  • 08/14 - added to-do list
  • 08/17 - added sidebar box for fanlistings and cliques, moved sound fx files to tumblr until catbox issues resolve
  • 08/21 - catbox issues have been solved, added more fanlistings, probably won't add any more small updates to this log
  • 08/24 - added new sections to about page and gamer room
  • 08/28 - added a public email address
  • 08/30 - added a basic sitemap and some more blinkies :^]
  • 08/31 - joined bisexualism webring + made some tweaks to home page (hbd miku!!)
  • 09/02 - added toggleable crt overlay
  • 09/09 - updated + alphabetized the wiki world
  • 09/12 - added animations to stickers/draggeables, joined xenic webring
  • 09/13 - added sidebar box for cliques
  • 09/18 - hid stickers on mobile bc they obscured parts of some pages
  • 09/23 - added fish. idk why. + organized cool websites page
  • 10/2 - pokemon paradise is complete! (for now)
  • 10/5 - finished porygon shrine!
  • 10/6 - created adoptables page
  • 10/9 - created plushies page (wip)
  • 10/11 - added style switcher to gamer room
  • 10/31 - created flash page
  • 11/4 - created virus shrine (wip)
  • 2/7 - added self-ships to kin page
  • 3/21 - moved internet archive files to filegarden
  • 4/15 - started the 'frienddex' (wip)

to-do list

a different row of 10 animated pokeball variants spinning in sync
  • finish adding alt text
  • finish gamer room + add switchable console themes
  • finish pokemon paradise
  • finish computer virus shrine
  • horror page/shrine
  • full sitemap
  • add play/stop gifs function
  • metal gear shrine
  • finish plush plaza
  • add crt overlay (maybe)
  • flash animation/games shrine
  • vulture culture shrine
  • improve accessibility
  • recreate hall of tortured souls
  • create an interactive tamagotchi
  • ficto/self-ship page
  • nostalgia page (maybe)
  • porygon shrine
  • gachapon adoptables
  • pokefarm 'shrine'

a special image 4 u

porygon2 art porygon art loading image porygon art two porygon2 art two

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